There is a lunch stop and six rest stops with a wide selection of food, sport drink and water.  Hot food is included in the second loop at rest stops five (5) and six (6).  Each rest stop has rest rooms.  Support vehicles monitor the progress of riders and render assistance or sag riders back to the MOTEL 6.  Accurate route maps and route slips are provided to each rider, as well additional copies available at rest stops.  This event is NOT a RACE.  Traditionally, however, rider time has and is kept for fun only.  Your time for lunch (up to one and half-hours) is subtracted from the D.C. elapsed time.  The last ten or so years we have been suggesting that riders eat lightly at lunch time to minimize the battle between digestion and riding. The stomach always wins the war for thirty to sixty minutes and reduces performance.  Wait until the end of the second loop to enjoy the Bar-B-Que Chicken and other substancial foods. We keep the Bar-B-Que running and a light on to Welcome you back.  The timing results for all riders are posted on this web site from 1986 to present.