The Hemet Registration
Pre-registraion Pickup
Late Registration

Pre and Late registration Check-In is at the Motel 6, 3885 W. Florida Ave., Hemet.  Registration is available from 5 to 9 PM Friday (April 14) and 3:30 to 6:00 AM Saturday (April 15) for both the double and single centuries.  Late registration has a $20.00 late fee added to the double century or a $10.00 late fee added to the century fees after March 26, 2023 and on the day of the event April 15, 2023.

The double century has a twenty-hour time limit.  Since the original Hemet DC started in 1965 had a 24 hour time limit that was changed to an 20 hour soft time limit.  All riders that complete the Double have and always will be counted as a Triple completion if they finish within the 24 hour period.  "And yes I and one or two other staff members have helped and waited for those riders until 3 or 4 AM."

Both the first single and double century riders can start between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM.  All of these riders must leave by 6:00 AM.  The double century closes at 11:00 PM (Soft Close).  No double century rider is allowed to attempt or start the second loop after 2:30 PM  This rule has held up for 43 years of the 39 years that Jim Watrous has been its director. This rule was also used in 1982 through 1985 when Ruth Barnes was the director.

Single Century riders can start the first loop between 3:30 AM and 6:00 AM or they can start the second loop between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM (but not before) 9:00 AM (This is an absolute earliest time for the second century - no exceptions).

Please Note that all riders must check in and either pickup their pre-registration materials or do a late registration Friday evening or by no later than 6:00 AM Saturday morning.