Rod Doty was the individual that came up with the idea for the California Triple Crown.  Rod was and had been the director of the LA Wheelmen's Grand Tour. Rod, Don Banis (Tour of Two Forests), the current representitive of the Orange County Wheelmen's Tour of the Canyons and Jim Watrous (Hemet Double Century) met at the end of 1989 to form the California Triple Crown series. We launch the program in 1990 and Don Banis was the first director of the California Triple Crown.

In the later part of 1994, Chuck Bramwell took over the California Triple Crown and has continued to expand the series. Chuck's dedicated work and efforts has taken the Triple Crown to hieghts well beyond the ideas of the early beginings. He has promoted the The California Triple Crown to a status that we all can be proud of. Bravo Chuck!

The original four doubles in 1990 were the Grand Tour, Hemet D. C., Tour of Two Forests and the Orange County Wheelman's Tour of the Canyons.  Since that time, the CTC has expanded to over twenty plus double centuries.   Even though there are many rides to choose from, all you have to do is complete any three of Double Centuries in the California Triple Crown series in a year and you become a California Triple Crown Winner.  As a winner you will receive a beautiful patch as well as the right to order a beautiful Jersey, T-Shirt, plaque, and other cool products.

The original idea was to encourage riders to attemp and complete double centuries.  Even though other aspects of the California Triple Crown have evolved, the primary goal was and is to encourage average fit riders into the world of double centuries and the ultra-marathon concepts of long distance riding.

Did you know - that the rider profile in the California Triple Crown patch logo from 1990 through 2010 is Dr. Jim Watrous from his successful RAAM qualification in 1987. Jim was riding a Sceptor (1987) built by Bill Holland. The rider profile on the Jerseys and T-Shirts was Dr. Jim Watrous from 1990 to 1994. The current rider profile on the Jerseys and T-Shirts is Hugh Murphy (of BadWater Events) from 1995 to Present on a SoftRide.